About us


is all about sustainability and ethical fashion that is inspired from the world’s diverse streetwear cultures. Every decision we make as a fashion brand is undermined by the 6R’s: REMADE, REDUCE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE, RESPECT, and RUSSELL VILLAFUERTE.

REMADE – We rework surplus materials, products, and artefacts into completely new designs. Every Strongvillage piece is a one-of-a-kind, proudly deconstructed, cut, recut, and reconstructed in the Philippines.

REDUCE – Designs developed at the Strongvillage studio are considered for their impact on the environment. Whether reworking surplus materials, minimizing carbon footprint, or simply producing smaller batches, waste can be reduced.

REPURPOSE – No button, zipper, or a scrap of fabric is disposed of in our studio. We always find ways to find a new use for them, whether be used as a design detail, or be stuffed inside our toys.

RECYCLE – Recycling pre-existing materials is fundamental to our production process.

RESPECT – We celebrate EVERY BODY. Strongvillage makes universal garments, equally tailored to fit men, women and people.

RUSSELL – Strongvillage is Russell Villafuerte’s love child. Strongvillage is the literal English translation of his last name, Villafuerte:  Strong for fuerte, and Village for villa. He’s a licensed Interior Designer but was introduced to the fashion world when he joined Project Runway Philippines Season 2 in 2009. Since then, he has been designing under his namesake brand, 

RUSSELL VILLAFUERTE that mainly focuses on custom pieces, from bridalwear to men’s tailored suits. He initially thought of Strongvillage as a way to make and sell clothes that he can wear himself.

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